Kas|par-Hau|ser-Kom|plex, the; -es coined by the German physician and psychologist A. Mitscherlich (1908-1982); after the hist. Figure of K. Hauser (probably c. 1812-1833: developmental disorder expressing itself in lack of feelings and contact difficulties, which is caused by isolation and lack of social bonding.

Kas|par-Hau|ser-Kom|plex, Band: Also known as KHK, provides the soundtrack of postmodern times: a bit of Wave, a bit of Trance, a bit of Rock, a bit of melancholy. Modern technology with an 80s feeling; it is the lonely hearts‘ dance cafe. Kaspar Hauser was born as an electronic consciousness of the 80s cult band A Wedding Anniversary. Since then, the two protagonists regularly work together on the further development of KHK, in addition to their own projects, such as the acoustic band „Die Kammer“ or the audio alchemist and psy-trance producer „Taliesin“


KH on the state of the nation/all nations: We are sick and depraved. The new video message (designed by the great digital magician ELGEKO) will be broadcast on February 26, 2021, 2:45 p.m. EST.

KH still invisible

We still do not have a current picture of Kaspar Hauser. If you manage to get a snapshot, the record company would appreciate you help. The picture shown is said to be a portrait from the 80s. This information is without guarantee. We ask for your indulgence!